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The ER doctor turned skin guru will heal more than your skin. Her extensive knowledge of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine will have you looking your best and her calming bedside manner will have you feeling even better.

The Best Midlife Beauty Technique Normalizing Aging However You Choose To Do It

For women in their thirties and forties, “It’s about missing what we used to look like five years ago, because I think all we do is look at social media, our own pictures on cameras. We’re so hyper-focused on looking at ourselves, and I think that’s probably the bane of our existence — on a Zoom call, on FaceTime, on a video chat,” says Dr. Rosy Sandhu, director of Boston-based Neem Medical Spa. “We’re competing with our younger self, more than anything else.”

Influencers And The Skin Care Industry Have Persuaded Middle Schoolers They Need To Spend Hundreds On Skin Care

“They all feel they need to exfoliate but they are destroying their skin barrier by over-exfoliating,” said Rosy Sandhu, an internal medicine physician and founder of the Neem Medical Spas in Greater Boston. Additionally, moisturizers meant for older, drier skin are clogging kids’ pores and triggering acne, she said. She is “living” the story in her own house, she added, with her two skin-care focused daughters.

Beyond Their Years: Behind The Alarming Obsession Gens Z And Alpha Have With Skincare And Anti-Aging

“The Sephora fascination started at 11,” says Rosy Sandhu, M.D., an internal medicine specialist, founding director of Neem Medical Spa, and mother of a now 12-year old daughter. “And it started not just with her, in fact. It was almost a peer pressure to be part of the cool group of girls. There’s so much going on in beauty influencing that they want to go to the mall or to Sephora together and just look at skincare.”

New Year, New You? Local Doctor Talks Latest Skin Care Trends for 2024

There’s nothing like starting the new year with a little self care. So when Neem Medical Spas director Dr. Rosy Sandhu invited me to her Winchester location for a Hydrafacial MD with a Pelleve radio frequency – The Mona Lisa Treatment – my response was a RESOUNDING “Sign me up!” Dr. Sandhu is a board-certified internist focusing on health optimization. She specializes in the intrinsic link between overall health and outward appearance, with a particular interest in weight management, menopause care and advanced non-invasive skincare treatments – the mind/body/skin connection.

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Under the guidance of founder and medical director Dr. Rosy Sandhu, the team at Neem is poised to help you achieve your goals. Take a break from the stressful season with the Holiday Glow Facial…For a spring break body, start now with the “Fire and Ice” treatment – a strategic combo of high-intensity bodysculpting using CoolSculpting Elite, TruSculpt, VANQUISH, and the Exilis Ultra.

The 15 Best Gifts From Boston

Bring some much-needed pampering with the Holiday Laser Glow from Neem Medical Spa. The in-demand treatment features a luxurious hydrafacial combined with a laser resurfacing session which leads to smoother skin, improved fine lines, minimized pores and a reduction in skin damage and blemishes.

Local Med Spas Turn Back Time With Rejuvenating Skin Treatments

“My philosophy on anti-aging is pretty simple,” says Rosy Sandhu, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician and founding director of Neem Medical Spa in Lynnfield, Winchester, and Boston. “I have this three ‘F’ rule, which is Foundation, Fill and Finish.”