Glowing Skin Essentials: The 3 Must-Have Skincare Ingredients You Need

One of the questions I get asked most often by my patients is what type of active ingredients should they incorporate into their daily routines. I am a firm believer in that a consistent skincare routine with targeted actives makes the biggest impact in getting glowing healthy skin and it all starts with adding the […]

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles: Effective Strategies for a Youthful, Refreshed Look

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and probably the most important feature that makes us drawn to people. As a board-certified physician that works with aesthetics, I frequently hear from patients who are frustrated by the appearance of dark under eye circles. Since this common concern can be caused by a variety of factors, […]

If you’re not “skin cycling,” you should be. Here’s why.

Although it may be trending on social media, skin cycling isn’t really a new concept. Basically, this approach involves alternating active ingredients so they can help enhance the health and appearance of the skin while keeping side effects to a minimum. And guess what, skin cycling also helps simplify your evening skincare routine—and make your anti-aging skincare products last longer!