Looking at the year ahead in Beauty – The In and Out Skincare Trends of 2024

As I continue my journey to keep you informed about the latest in skincare, I recently came across a compelling article on Beauty Independent that shed light on what’s expected to sizzle and what might stumble in the realm of beauty in 2024. Here are my insights and thoughts on these emerging trends.


Embracing Expert Guidance
One notable shift in the skincare landscape is the increasing recognition of the importance of expert guidance, and I’m here for it. Rather than relying solely on the recommendations of beauty influencers, individuals are realizing the need to consult with skincare professionals for personalized advice. This move towards expertise ensures a more tailored approach to skincare, acknowledging the unique needs of each individual’s skin. And I’m sure tweens and teenagers like my daughter will appreciate it, as professionals like myself will make several bloopers navigating through TikTok to get our voice out!

Simplifying Skincare Routines
The days of intricate 12-step skincare regimens which no one can relate to may be waning as people opt for more straightforward routines. A simplified approach not only saves time but also resonates with individuals who find extensive routines impractical. By streamlining our skincare, we can focus on essential steps that truly contribute to skin health, making the routine more accessible and manageable. Consistency is key here not intensity. And like I have always said, always go for a multi-ingredient product in your skincare like a VIt C, hyaluronic acid and panthenol containing moisturizer than 3 different serums for each one of these which would only add more additives and fillers and increase the chances of skin irritation.

Prioritizing Internal Skin Health
2024 is set to witness a paradigm shift towards prioritizing skin health from the inside out. Rather than relying solely on superficial treatments like Botox, there’s a growing emphasis on procedures and ingredients that work on enhancing skin health at a deeper level. This shift allows us to concentrate on fostering healthy skin barriers, ensuring long-term benefits for our skin.


Away from Over Exfoliation
Post-pandemic, a prevalent skincare concern has been the overuse of exfoliants, leading to inflamed skin barriers. It’s time to pivot away from excessive exfoliation and focus on nurturing a healthy skin barrier. Striking the right balance in exfoliation is key to maintaining skin health and preventing inflammation. Use more enzymatic masks like papaya and chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid over harsher physical scrubs which can cause micro-tears in the skin 1-2 times a week, and let me know if your skin thanks you for it!

More Plump, Hydrated Skin
The trend away from glossy, shiny, oily skin is gaining momentum. Instead, the focus is shifting towards achieving plump, hydrated, and supple skin. Water-based ingredients take center stage, contributing to a healthy, well-hydrated complexion without the overly dewy or glossy finish.

Less Sheet Masks
Environmental consciousness plays a pivotal role in the evolving skincare landscape. Sheet masks, once all the rage, are now facing scrutiny due to their environmental impact. The truth is they don’t really do much for the skin. As we become more mindful of sustainability, we can expect to see less usage of sheet masks.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these trends and whether you plan to do things differently in your skincare routine this year!


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